Mobilizing Your Customer Service

Over 60% of people recently ranked their mobile device as important as their car, their deodorant, and their coffee. Now, consumers often use their mobile devices in the store right before making purchases.

Do your employees know the features of your products or services as well as your customers do? How well does your sales team keep up with online reviews and comparisons? If your business doesn’t engage them through their mobile devices, potential customers might not bother to find you.

Customer service never really started and ended at your shop door, or fit into scheduled meetings across a table. The good news is, all the resources and automated services available to customers are also available to your team.

Delivering customer service through your mobile device means your business doesn’t have to be tied to a brick-and-mortar shop.

If you provide your customers with the engagement experiences and solutions they want, the path they beat to your door  might be digital, but to will remain lucrative.


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