Multitasking? Try Multi-Rewarding

We all dip into the guilty pleasure of multitasking. It tempts and fools us with that feeling of stimulating activity, but we know it threatens productivity and robs us of our ability to focus.

We know more rewarding lives await us if we just practice and strengthen our ability to focus on one thing at a time. How do we break the multitasking habit? We turn the expectations around by demanding more than just one reward from our tasks. Do one thing and win several benefits rather than doing multiple things and having nothing to show for it in return.

For example, walking to work effectively transports you from A to B, saves money, improves your health, and even gives you time to listen to that important podcast. Packing your lunch costs less, tends to be healthier for you, and gives you valuable insights into what goes into food preparation.

Don’t try to do everything and get nothing back. Demand more from each thing. That’s a life well lived.


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