Jan. 13, 2010

Lori Moroz –  president of Pine Press Printing & Mailing of Lexington, SC receives “Top 10 Small Business’s” award in Lexington County for 2010.

At the Lexington County Economic Forum Wednesday night, Lexington’s Top 10 Small Business leaders were honored.

Describing her formula for running a successful small business

Mrs. Moroz said:

First, let me say Thank You! This is quite an honor to be named one of the Top 10 Small Businesses in Lexington County for 2010 and to be a part of this outstanding group of other great small businesses that are being acknowledged this evening.

Jerry Bellune has asked that we give two minutes on why we think our companies are successful. So I looked up what success means according to Wikipedia. It gives us a few definitions which include: the achievement of one’s aim or goals, financial profitability, and the opposite of failure. I specifically like the definition, the opposite of failure. Although there may be several failures on the way to success, you can only achieve success by not giving up and a determination to keep reaching for your goals. 2009 for Pine Press Printing and probably several small businesses was a very tough year – a year of tightening up the belt, leaning up the company and worker even harder to reach for these goals.

At Pine Press Printing, we may not have meet every goal this past year, but our determination to keep reaching will be our continued success in 2010. The only way a small business can be successful is to have a team – a great team that is committed and working towards the same goal.

I have that team (Melony Stuckey, Tina Phillips, Cretia Beasley, Lorie Taylor, Marty Funchess, April Amick-Sexton, Nathan Harmon, Doris New & Courtney Taylor). These are the people that make Pine Press Printing & Mailing successful. They are the reason that we survived and thrived in 2009 and they will be the reason we continue to be successful in 2010. We have built our reputation and integrity on superb customer service that goes beyond what is expected, doing what we say we are going to do, along with building relationships with our clients and our community. We believe in giving back. I don’t think that true Success can ever be enjoyed without giving back, whether it is to your church, your family, your schools, or your community.

Again, Thank You, I am humbled to be a part of this group of top 10 small businesses and proud to have a team that supports me and this community.