Postcards: any way and any size, they all mean great marketing.

Why? Postcards are fun, versatile, and perfect marketing for nearly every situation.

Postcards - Smart Marketing

What’s more, nowdays postcards can be unique.  Think about it. How many emails did you receive today? Ok, let’s try just your work email.  Still not sure? Now, how many postcards did you get today? This week?

Research shows that people are more likely to respond to a postcard campaign than to an email campaign. Why? The uniqueness factor certainly has something to do with it. Also, a postcard is far more permanent than an email. If your card is cool enough, people will hold onto it, giving your message some added staying power.

For an effective postcard campaign, try these tips:

  • Know Your Audience: Make sure your list is focused and up to date. Don’t waste time sending cards to people if you know they won’t be interested in what you  have to say.
  • Be Friendly: Keep your message clear and direct. People respond better to a genuine approach. You know your product’s great. Let its strongest qualities shine through.
  • Timing Is Everything: Mail your postcards so they will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. These are typically lighter mail days, so your card is more likely to stand out. Also, people tend to extend their weekends by taking Monday and Fridays off.

Of course, there are so many fun ways to use postcards that we really can’t fit them all in the article.  So stop by, and we’ll show you what we mean!


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