Product Magazines
Think of the last time a beautiful full-color magazine caught your eye. Now imagine your business offering a similar type of magazine to promote your product and services. A well designed product magazine is a memorable way to grab attention of your target market and help your business stand apart from your competitors. Here are a few tips when creating a product magazine:
  • Include articles to inform and educate, including helpful tips and information about your products and services. Readers who enjoy your tips are more likely to read for more information and contact you directly for help or to buy from you.
  • Use short stories, bulleted information, lists, and other forms of concise information. If necessary, include a link to additional information if the reader is interested to read more.
  • Highlight industry professionals in a Q&A section about common questions and answers.
  • Include relevant graphics, such as professional photos, charts, illustrations, and sidebars.
  • Consider including a loyal customer success story with imagery and customer quotes that can help do the selling for you.
  • If your goal is to create a magazine, avoid references that will date your publication. Rather, consider creating simple inserts to promote upcoming events or product announcements that can be easily updated and changed as needed.

Mail your product magazine as a direct mail piece, hand them out at trade shows or at sales calls, provide them at your front counter for prospects and customers, include them in informational and media kits, and post a link to request a copy on your website.

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