The Decision Maker

The smallest detail can change the mind of a customer and close a sale. It’s just a matter of finding the right trigger. When the opportunity comes to win sales and influence customers, recognize the psychological triggers that change minds.

  • Questions Focusing on “After.” Customers care about what they get after you’re gone. They want to know that you have paid attention to them, that their problems matter, and that you left them in a better position after the sale. Set the tone by asking questions like “What goal do you want to achieve?” or “What needs to happen to make your project a success?”
  • Layering Reciprocity and Commitment. Customers evaluate the information and experiences you give them. Take the initiative to provide appropriate proof of your commitment to them with friendly service, informative content, and useful gifts. Layer a sales offer with free samples, no-obligation trial periods, or sliding-scale service packages.
  • Social Testimonies. The social creature in all of us trusts an offer more when it is backed by other people. Good press, positive reviews, and testimonials from those already using your business demonstrate proof of your quality and sociability.
  • Sense of Scarcity. Have you ever wanted something simply because someone said you couldn’t have it? When it comes to sales, scarcity suggests your business knows the value of its offer. To create a sense of scarcity in your offers, use deadlines for the terms of a sale, highlight notices of limited inventory, and include access to exclusive perks.
  • The best sales offers solve customer problems while winning over the heart and the mind. Does your sales approach start with goal-oriented questions, initiate commitment, provide proof of sociability, and frame offers with a sense of scarcity? If so, you have satisfied the psychological triggers in customers that win sales!


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