Last month we introduced our new Custom QR code. We discussed why we created it and why it is so necessary today.  It allows to incorporate your company logo, colors, etc. This is extremely helpful to the person scanning it as well as helping build your brand awareness.

If you scanned our custom QR code from your smartphone, it took you to our “mobile” website.  I promised to discuss why a mobile website is critical for todays consumers.

If you’re like most companies, you have a website. You probably also don’t have a mobile website. While this may not have been a big problem even last year, it’s quickly becoming extremely important to have a functional mobile version of your website ready for your customers.

Lets face it, smartphones have become a ubiquitous fixture in American culture.

The next time you’re waiting somewhere – waiting to get seated at a table for dinner, waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store – take a look around at how many people are passing the time by using their smartphone. This might help you realize how important it is for your company to have a mobile site.

Mobile users expect a simplified (and a quick loading) browsing experience. While modern smartphones can render full websites, mobile users expect a site that loads quickly, is easily navigable (without pinch-zooming) and contains plenty of functions and sections that are pertinent to mobile users.

While the traditional version is  a more attractive website, the functionality on the mobile site is leaps and bounds above the traditional site when viewing from a mobile device. The mobile site is simple, straight-forward and easily navigable by mobile users.

“Why do I need a Mobile Website?”.  The answer is simple. Over 50% of all Internet use is via a mobile device such as IPhones, Blackberrys, Adroid and Windows smart phones, IPad, tablets, kindles, etc… Yes, About HALF of web traffic! And in the next few years that number is going to grow. The future is now, and your business needs to be properly equipped!

We can create a custom QR code and mobile website for your business.

Contact our staff to get started today!

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