COLOR TALKS! Sometimes loudly, sometimes so soft it’s like a whisper. Seeing comes before words, so why not let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities of color!

I think that’s a neat way to describe color!

As a graphic designer, I need to know how color talks in advertising.   I have to know when to use a bold color and when to tone a color down for a subtle approach.

Say it With Color

Since the beginning of time colors have stirred our emotions. The use of color is a powerful tool that can change the mood of our customers with one brush stroke or a click of a mouse.  Researchers have found that color speaks to our subconscious and will have a positive or negative reaction within 90 seconds.

Most times color is more relevant in an advertising campaign then the words themselves.  A successful marketing campaign is one that speaks to your customer through emotion and can play a significant role in generating sales,  even more than your company slogan.

When designing your next message use the psychology of color when designing your ad.

  • RED – The warmest of the colors, red is a dynamic color associated with strong emotions like passion, love, courage, strength, excitement, and aggressiveness. If your goal is to draw attention to your message, red is an excellent
  • BLUE – Blue is the most popular color choice across the board. It’s associated with calmness, trust, loyalty, and logic. A professional looking ad is easy to create using any combination of light and dark shades of blue.
  • YELLOW – The color of optimism, energy, youth, creativity and friendliness. It’s a fun color that evokes laughter, the sunshine, and comfort. Beware that too much yellow is hard on the eye and is best used as an accent color.
  • ORANGE – Best used to convey a sense of urgency. Think of traffic cones and warning lights…things that you need to pay attention to. It also can be associated with vitality, happiness, and fun. Orange can be overwhelming so use it sparingly.
  • GREEN – Green is easiest on the eyes to process and is commonly associated with wealth, growth, and the environment. It’s favorably utilized in the garden and financial industry.
  • PURPLE – Purple is the royal color, often used to calm or relax the viewer. It quickly communicates the feeling of trust, spirituality, and wealth. Purple is an intense color, so use it as an accent or with a lighter, lavender shade.

The one thing I’ve learned over all the years as a designer is people respond to non-verbal cues more than verbal ones. Make sure you spend a good bit of time choosing the right color for your next marketing campaign to make it successful.

If you need some help designing or choosing the correct color palette for your message give us a call. And as always …get your message out in a big way! The possibilities are endless!

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