Multitasking? Try Multi-Rewarding

Sometimes your productivity needs a boost. When your workflow starts to fall behind the pace of the pack, give it a shot of energy with these prods.

Adopt a “once only” rule.
What if you could only deal with each email or task once? Try out the “Once Only” rule: either handle what’s needed right then, delegate tasks to someone else, or delete unimportant items before they steal any more of your time.

  • Never multitask. Aim for one finish line at a time; commit and complete one thing so that it never requires more attention from you.
  • Take strategic breaks. Sprinters achieve impressive speeds, but only for short bursts. Lighten up over longer runs. Peak performance depends on rest and only comes from proper preparation.
  • Adjust your environment. Some work environments tease us with distractions. Make a list of distractions and remove what you can of them from your space.
  • Say “no.” Effective and efficient people don’t do everything. Only commit your efforts to tasks that bring value. The things you do commit to will mean more.
  • Disconnect. Connectivity comes with a cost to your productivity. Instead of heading off course, temporarily disconnect yourself from phone and email. Close your doors, at least mentally.
  • Automate. Create email filters, set up automatic bill schedules, and utilize apps or planners to keep things running well.

These prods to your productivity will put you ahead of the pack and in reach of the finish line every day.


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