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Vinyl Banners and Outdoor Signage

You probably walk into your business every day without taking much notice of the signs and banners you use to advertise your brand. Are your signs tattered and worn?  Do they portray a professional image that matches your online and branding message? With 83% of your potential local customers searching for you online first and then 90% of them walking through your front door your storefront branding must draw them inside by making a bold statement.

From banners to lawn signs, traditional custom Vinyl Banners and Outdoor Signage remain the workhorse of the custom sign industry and are still an economical and versatile way to promote your business.

With the advances in wide-format printing, the possibilities are endless to what kind of sign you can create. Large signs and banners are now more affordable and easier to produce than ever before. They are available in any size or shape you can imagine. It is worth the investment for a business to take advantage of banners and signs that draw those new customers through the door.

To make an impact in a BIG way here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Your company logo should be clearly visible, and the colors should match standard marketing message.
  • The sign should be sized appropriately for the viewing distance.
  • The sign should be placed in a location with maximum exposure to the target audience.
  • Digital colorful graphics should be clear and sharp and match your message.
  • Use no more than 5 to 7 words – too many words and your message gets lost.
  • Keywords and phrases should be emphasized with larger bolded letters.
  • Stay clear of script fonts and fancy fonts that are hard to read from a distance.

A well-designed banner or sign is an effective means of advertisement. When designed to grab customers’ eyes—such a recognizable logo or color scheme, and tight copy they are a cost-effective means of advertising.

Rely on us to create eye-catching banners and signs that get noticed by everyone who passes by.

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