For 30 years, CEB Global has studied consumers and marketing strategies for retail companies and commercial businesses. According to CEB Global, 79% of business visitors visually scan product or service literature rather than read it. Customers are 86% more likely to make a sale with the company that frames a purchase in the most streamlined process.
What lesson comes from this research?

The flood of distracting specifications, flashy presentations and loud soundtracks tire people out. Consumers have learned to filter out the hundreds of ads they see each day and to concentrate on things they find important. Don’t add to the clutter—be strategically simple.

What does your customer need to know to make their decision? Answering this question narrows your marketing down and delivers simplified, concise information. It simplifies the process for your customer.

  • Provide a small comparison chart showing how your key features measure against competitors.
  • Make your presentation folder or booklet guide customers through clear steps to a confident decision.
  • Turn a three-panel brochure into a straightforward guide to what you do. That initiates a phone call and will bring them closer to a purchase. Get rid of all the extra data and make your marketing channels as simple and streamlined as possible. You will be doing your customers a favor, and they will reward you for it.


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