The Decision Maker

Sometimes your sales attitude slumps. If you feel your shoulders sagging because you couldn’t close a deal, straighten out your attitude with these four questions:

  • How much do you sell on the first meeting? Studies show that only 2% of sales actually occur on the first meeting with a prospect. The reason 2% say “yes” has almost nothing to do with the person behind the pitch. That 2% already did their homework and usually made a decision before any sales representative walked through their door.
  • How often do you follow up with leads? Further research shows that only 20% of sales leads ever receive a follow-up. Sales teams are actually terminating four out of five chances to win a sale because of a quick one-time judgement or a hasty “no” at the first meeting. Sales success becomes elusive because that quick “no” doesn’t seem to warrant follow-up … but it actually does.
  • How long does it take to build trust? As many as 2/3 of people that ask for product and service information will not make a purchase decision for three months. At least one in five that receive information won’t make a decision for 12 months. Distractions compete for that top-of-mind spot in a buyer’s attention over that length of time. Maintain a relationship of trust over that time and you maintain that top-of-mind position.
  • What do people need before they make a purchase decision? Predictions on future results come from past results. Regardless of the industry or business involved, buyers now expect proof. Persistent, consistent observations and actions establish irrefutable proof for a buyer—another reason why referrals and testimonials stand the test of time.

Can you stand tall and lift up sales? Every time you ask for another meeting with your client, you cover these four important questions. Don’t expect easy sales on the first meeting. Make a routine of asking for the sale, and bring it all together with persistent, positive, irrefutable proof of past results.


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