morning coffee

If coffee is your only morning habit, test these six energy boosters and wake up your entire body.

Chill. Add some chill to your morning routine. Splash cold water on your face, or turn the shower to cold for a few seconds. Even a short burst of discomfort sends the right signals and charges the body.

Eat leftovers. Supper’s leftovers give you a better start to the day than processed grains and sugary treats. Schedule time for your morning meal because your first meal has a huge influence on your daily success.

Find the light. We share some of our DNA with plants. Absorb that sunlight! Eat your morning meal in the best-lit room in your place and let the sun shine into you.

Exercise. Fifteen minutes of light activity does more good for brain clarity and physical health than 15 minutes of snooze. Open the curtains and start a stretching routine. Go outside for a quick power walk. Sign up for a morning gym class.

Turn off the screen. People tend to feel more energized the longer they avoid the phone, the television, or the computer. Finish all other morning routines before turning on any screen whatsoever.
Know thyself. Some people just aren’t morning people, no matter what. Work to your strengths and schedule your time so that you don’t sabotage yourself.

Your morning routine can support or spoil your daily success. Wake up your whole body with a morning chill, eat leftovers for a morning meal, energize with natural light, exercise routinely, turn off screens, and get to know yourself well.


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