Stay Calm and Confident

People purchase certainty. When a client becomes emotional or interrupts your pitch with a surprise, how can you keep your cool, remain confident, and find composure under pressure? The next time something freezes you in your tracks, consider these sales strategies to restore the calm and speak with confidence.

  • Monitor Your Volume — Yelling at a barking dog tells a dog it’s time to make noise. Showing the dog how to be quiet sends a very different signal. Calm and confident people ease tensions in a room with very little volume.
  • Empathize Over Agonize — If a client interrupts your delivery, they might feel like they aren’t being recognized as unique or important. A salesperson with confidence in their catalog of solutions never needs to compete with the client. Instead, calmly listen until the client has reasserted their position. They just might reveal exactly what solution you should offer them, after all.
  • Meet, Offer, and Repeat — Confidence gives you the sense that things will work out well in the end. If things haven’t worked out well, then maybe it isn’t the end. Experienced salespeople suggest you may have to make your offer five or more times before the client even responds. Persistence and confidence can be your best friends in sales.
  • Avoid Embarrassment — One sign of good character is the ability to keep impulses in check. People mistakenly think sales is just a confidence job, when actually it’s a courage job. Discretion is the better part of sales. If things come out in negotiations that were better left unsaid, let it go. If it was a mistake the first time, don’t repeat it by bringing it up again or gossiping with others about it.

When you need to steer your prospective client or lucrative lead back to feeling certain about your offer, remember to monitor your volume, empathize rather than agonize, repeat your offer, and avoid embarrassing anyone involved. The rewards of your calm confidence will be better sales relationships.


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