These are a few rules in creating designs as well as in the actual poster printing.

However, while there are little personal rules that one can adopt for oneself, there are a few notable professional cardinal rules that almost all designers should actually follow. In this special tutorial article, I will teach you the most notable rules that you should know. Make sure that you remember these rules if you want your color posters to turn out as professional looking as you want them to be.

1. The larger the better – This is a simple enough rule to follow. Larger size is better. That is why most professionals print posters that are as large as possible for their purposes, and you should do this as well. Larger ones are not only impressive looking, but they are also more highly visible even from afar. This means that larger posters have a larger reach and a greater impact all the time. Always aim for the largest implementation of your design. It will always be well worth it.

2. The more the merrier – Another rule that you might want to know is that the more you print the merrier you will be with the results. More posters of course mean more locations where you can deploy your prints. You can cover a lot more locations with those numbers, giving you the best chance of really communicating with your target market. It is best to always budget to get the most number of your outputs. Believe me, all that would be worth it when you get the returns from those extra prints.

3. Less is more – When it comes to content, the cardinal rule is less is more. While such can indeed hold a lot of information, too much information with lots of graphics can sometimes be too much. It is important for you to realize that it is best to have the most concise content with the simplest but artistic kind of picture or color design. This should help you get a cleaner and more organized look instead of these confusing ones with too much textures and pictures without really having REAL effective content.

Effective Poster Design

4. Know thy readers – In developing effective designs, it is a cardinal rule to always know about your readers. More specifically, you must know their preferences in terms of images and content, as well as the language that usually will be more appealing to them. The more you know about your potential readers, the easier it is to improve and adapt your designs. Do not go for printing without really knowing about your audiences intimately.

5. Pay for the best materials always – Finally, like all other prints, it is best to always pay for the best materials. The better quality the materials, the better those designs will turn out. The glossier and thicker is better really. So try to really spend as much as possible.

Great! Now you know the most important and notable cardinal rules in printing and design. Take all of this to heart and try to do them when your own turn in poster printing arrives.

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