People don’t realize how much of what they say or do can hurt someone. As an owner you might not realize what is being said to your employees by fellow employees is actually hurting your productivity. Below you will find some ways to help you and your employees make it through the rough times. Whether someone is just having a difficult time in their personal life or at their workplace; this tips will help.

Researchers studying the effects of negativity on work performance have found that exposure to rude behavior can cause a person to make more mistakes in a variety of tasks.

Rudeness not only had a negative effect on the person who was treated poorly, but also
on people who witnessed the interaction, due to the fact that people’s emotions are closely
tied to their ability to concentrate.

When a person is treated poorly, or sees someone else treated poorly, the brain needs
to process the corresponding emotions. As a result, the brain becomes distracted by the
emotional task and is less able to focus on other, higher cognitive functions.

One of the studies followed students in a variety of classroom situations. The students
who observed a rude exchange between a teacher and student performed worse on a set of
tasks than those in the control group who did not witness the event.

The implications of the study are clear: rudeness is more than just bad manners.
Rudeness hurts the work environment.

Pushing Through Tough Times

Setbacks. We’ve all had them. But some people seem to bounce back more quickly than others. What’s their secret? They move forward rather than dwelling on the past. Some helpful suggestions:

  • Redefine Goals: So you went off track; so what? Revisit your original goals and start a new plan. After all, you’re wiser now.
  • Talk to Others: Now that you have a new plan, share it with others. By voicing goals, you create motivation for yourself to push forward.
  • Take Charge: While you don’t want to dwell on the past, you do want to learn from your mistakes. Objectively reexamine what went wrong the first time, so you can grow and succeed this time around.