Thank Yous

Are you in charge of finding fun and unique gifts for your company’s clients?  The holidays are quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to start brainstorming for the perfect gift.

Gifts are a fantastic way for you to give back and say thank you to loyal customers. Making long-lasting impressions that keep your business in your customers’ minds all year long is vital to business success.

If you’re in the customer service business—and every business is, in some capacity—you should strive to continually show your gratitude to clients in fun and memorable ways.

Here are some of our favorite ways:

Surprise them at Thanksgiving

There is no better way to be thankful than to show your appreciation at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas Cards make an extra special statement since they come at the beginning of the holiday season. Go the extra mile and include a handwritten note to thank them for being a loyal customer. You’ll make your customer’s day—everyone loves reading a personalized message meant just for them.

Face Time

Sometimes the simplest gift is the one that won’t cost you a dime. There is nothing more valuable than your time. Bring lunch to your favorite clients and go out of your way to meet people on the front lines and hear about what they do every day.


The best gift you can give your client is to send new business their way. Look for opportunities to refer them to other clients or link them into your network.

Local Gift Cards

A $5 coffee card goes a long way in showing a client how much you appreciate them. If you’re a B2B business, partner up and promote each other’s products and services.

Useful Gifts

Calendars make the perfect gift that everyone uses!  Create a company calendar that includes a new coupon or special for each month and then send it out to all of your clients in December. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Charitable Gifts

The best way to appreciate your customers is to do something charitable in their name. Many charities will let you make a donation in someone’s name, and you can mail a certificate to let them know about your contribution.

Share Your Brand

Branded gifts used to be useless throwaways. But those days are long gone! There are an array of excellent promotional products that customers love receiving. Customers love receiving usable items such as coffee cups, flash drives, t-shirts and funny koozies.

A little appreciation goes a long way in making long-lasting happy customers!


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Tracy Fredrychowski is Marketing Director at Pine Press Printing, Mailing Marketing & Business Solutions. – On most days you’ll find her locked away in her office writing copy and dreaming up creative marketing themes.