(And What to Do About Them!)
Distractions eat away at our day, but we can do something about them! Here are seven of the most dangerous workplace distractions and tips for breaking their hold on our attention.

  • Technology. Rewards come from production, not from the number of devices you use. It is about using them wisely … and knowing when to stop.
  • Gossip. Gossip in the workplace is practically unavoidable. When gossip comes up during work time, ask your coworkers to save it until lunch or just to stop it completely.
  • Lack of Structure. Tasks take up as much time as you give them. Set a deadline for every stage in a project to keep you structured and focused on your goal.
  • Many Meetings. Simplify meetings by limiting them to the people who need to be there, and never start a meeting without an agenda and a start and stop time.
  • Staying Connected. People who schedule email time instead of immediately responding get more done because they limit interruptions and can concentrate on the job at hand.
  • Perfection. Substitute excellence for perfection. Make results the important measure of success … and not the minutiae of the day.
  • Delegation. Delegating means you now share responsibility with someone else. Give them the tools and time to generate success, and you will both win.
    Workplace distractions can be managed. With a bit of discipline and intentional structure, just watch how productive you become.


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