Believe it or not, many people still do not have access to the internet or are computer-challenged.

Because this audience will not likely seek out your website online, a “web card” is a great way to highlight your site benefits and entice readers to visit.

Web cards are a versatile print marketing tool to help promote your website. Because the internet experience level of your audience may vary, web cards are a great unique way to announce a new (or re-designed) web site to your web savvy audience, and can also help pique interest among those who are new to or still learning how to use the internet.

A web card can be mailed as an oversized or folded postcard, as an enclosure in a standard #10 business envelope along with a cover letter, displayed in public areas, handed out at trade shows, enclosed in packages, distributed by partners, and handed to customers and prospects that are browsing or making a purchase.

When creating a web card, keep the message simple and define the primary benefit of your website and direct readers to it by using colorful visual images. When created to mimic the design of your site, web cards can highlight functionality and new features of your website. For example, a car dealership’s web card could show your home page and say, “Check out photos of new vehicles, view pricing, and get detailed information instantly.” If you want to highlight multiple site features, consider creating subsequent web cards that can be mailed to your mailing list over several weeks or months, which will also increase your top of mind awareness.

If you’re looking for other innovative ways to market your web site, give our creative team a call today!


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