Marketing opportunities come from unexpected sources. One small business found a marketing asset in its own internal forms.

A print company implemented a lengthy Quality Control Checklist form. At every stage in the printing process, an employee checked off each important aspect and detail. The delivery manager started putting a copy of the filled out checklist in with each invoice. Regular customers were overwhelmed by the amount of care and transparency in the company’s work and, as a result, started to ask for more quotes.

During a sales call, a prospect admitted to the salesperson that she had tried other printers, but was never satisfied. She wouldn’t budge on anything until she felt she could trust the printer. The owner gave the prospect his usual portfolio of past work, but the prospect’s attention settled on a copy of the Quality Control Checklist amongst the sales materials. The prospect told him the checklist was the most impressive thing she’d seen in a while. After he explained she would get a copy with each job, she decided she had finally found what she was looking for. An internal quality control form happened to increase the reputation and sales of an entire company.

What does your business use already that demonstrates commitment to quality and service? Items like internal checklists, job quote sheets, or work uniforms all do more than one job. Your workflow, your reputation, and your marketing all benefit from the most unlikely of opportunities.


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