wagon too heavy

A small family-run business used a delivery policy for many generations. On Monday and Tuesday, trucks delivered long-distance orders outside of the county and state. Midweek, trucks delivered orders outside of town. In-town and local orders were always delivered on Fridays. This policy made it difficult to meet immediate demands. The daughter and son asked their father why the policy existed. He didn’t know. Only their mother offered a suggestion of where the policy came from.

“It was for the horses,” she explained. “We used horses for deliveries when we started. The horses were fresh at the beginning of the week and could travel long distances. But by the end of the week they could only do short trips.”
“We don’t use horses anymore,” said the young distribution manager.
The following week, the family got together and changed the delivery policy.

What policies do you have that could use a little updating, make you more efficient, and save you time, money, and effort?


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