It’s that time of the year when as a company we step up our giving game. By nature, we’re a very giving business, and we find it more fun to figure out unique ways to bless those around us who may be less fortunate.


As we approach the New Year, we’re challenging ourselves to step up our giving back game even more. In January we will be launching our own internal “The Year of Giving & Gratitude” campaign.  As a company, we believe we should be generous all year long not just during the holidays.

Now don’t get us wrong we love giving back at the holidays, but this year we are choosing to give back all year long. So for December we are encouraging our staff to take the time to make someone’s day a bit happier, with a warm smile, a “please” or a “thank you,” and maybe a friendly hug. Then in January we are gearing up for a 12-month giving back campaign.

We have come up with some really easy ways to encourage and excite our staff to help out those less fortunate than themselves. Won’t you join us?

Here are our 12 months of giving back plan:

  • January – Don’t Forget the Pets – Encourage your staff to bring pet food that can be donated to the local animal shelter.
  • February – Give Anonymously – If you really want to make someone’s day, seek out that single mother who busts her butt to provide for her kids or that struggling family that works hard but can’t seem to get ahead.
  • March – Over Tip – There’s nothing better for people in the service industry than to get a big fat tip.
  • April – Pay it Forward – Encourage your staff to buy coffee or lunch for the individual in front of them at leat once this month.
  • May – Volunteer – Find a community activity you can support and volunteer with.
  • June – Clean-It-Up Saturday – Adopt a park or section of road to clean up. A great team building activity and you’ll pretty up your community as well.
  • July – Host a Food Drive – Summer can be especially hard on food banks.
  • August – Host a School Clothes Drive – This is the month families are shopping at the second-hand stores for school clothes and when children’s clothes are needed the most.
  • September – Host a School Supply Drive – Teachers are one of our most valuable resources, and often they spend much of their own money making sure their students have the supplies they need.
  • October – Partner for Good – Find a non-profit organization that you can support throughout the year.
  • November – Give Back – The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been named #GivingTuesday. Encourage your staff to make an effort to donate to a charity or organization that has impacted their life.
  • December – Adopt a Family – Add a collection jar to the break room in January and ask your staff to drop their spare change in the jar all year long, by December you may have enough to adopt a few families.

Come together as a team and join us as we give back all year long!  If nothing else, it’s pretty fun, and the more creative you get with it, the more memorable it becomes. Also, the more you give back, the more your eyes are opened to all of the good things you have in your life.


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