Buyers Make Decisions based on Memories, Images, and Feelings

Build a Consistent Brand

It takes just seven business seconds to make a great first impression …what impression do you make? Most of us know how important it is to make a good first impression.  We don’t like to think that our potential customers are using the old “judge a book by its cover mentality,” but they do. 

When you first meet a customer, some basic principles always apply, like be polite, smile, extend a handshake, dress for success and listen, but after that, our marketing materials say the rest.

Your companies brand is your greatest asset and it’s becoming an increasingly important component of a long-term client relationship that should always exceed their expectations. How you present your business through marketing shows your customers that you’ve put extra effort into being remembered and trusted. A consistent brand is still the most successful tool for effective marketing.

Take a few minutes to gather a copy of your branding materials.  Lay them out in front of you and take a good long look at them. 

•    Do they say cheap and incomplete?
•    Do they have a consistent look and feel?
•    Do they have the same theme or are they a mixed matched collection of different ideas?
•    Are they designed to be unique and memorable or do they get lost in the crowd?
•    Do they have a clear call to action or are they a mass of words that no one would take the time to read.
•    Are the images appealing and recognizable for your industry or do the images confuse your message?

We might live in a digital world, but you should never underestimate the power of a strong, consistent, well-designed company image.  Align your business marketing tools to be a strong voice for your business when first impressions matter most.  Your customers will make their buying decisions based solely on the memories you make for them through the images and feelings your brand evokes.


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