What is the first thing you look for when you go to any event or function? Exactly, a program is a great idea to have for any event.

Certain events simply flow better when you provide attendees with a printed schedule. Weddings, conferences, and recitals are just a few examples where providing a printed program is a practical decision. In these instances, the program can even serve as a valuable keepsake afterward.

Programs give people an agenda and offer extra information like maps, phone numbers, and directories of participants. As such, they can range from simple to elaborate, depending on the need. Great design is key here. Colors and paper selection complement the theme. Unlike many printed pieces, programs can use ribbons, foil, and translucent paper to enhance the experience.

Programs are versatile. They can provide a call to action, enhance a celebration, or hold educational information (and a place for notes). The program for a fundraiser might encourage attendees to donate. A retirement banquet program may be more of a keepsake, with career highlights, personal anecdotes, and a place for attendee signatures. A larger, bound program guarantees that information stays together in a specific order.

If you need a way to keep people organized (and an online calendar won’t cut it), a print program offers the solution. It tells your group what’s next, where to go, what to do, and how to get there. It encourages participation and action. It informs and offers a point of reference. Its brochure, calendar, advertisement, and keepsake – all rolled together in one practical package.

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